Vision & Ethos


Oakbank – an outstanding and happy school where all students are empowered, through knowledge and self-confidence, to take responsibility for themselves and their community.

At Oakbank, ensuring young people grow into happy, confident and courteous individuals is as important as academic achievement. Education is a collaborative process and every student is encouraged and supported to achieve the best possible academic qualifications, whilst also learning individual responsibility and respect for themselves and others. This is accomplished through the commitment of the school’s highly skilled and motivated staff who share the vision of empowering students to achieve the high expectations we have for each and every one. Every day at Oakbank is seen as an opportunity to increase academic achievement and build character, community engagement, friendships and wellbeing.

A House system provides students with the opportunity to earn house points for excellence in relation to Oakbank’s vision. It also encourages students of different ages to work and learn together, developing a real feeling of unity and shared endeavour.

The school plans to be a centre for the local community, providing learning and social opportunities for students and their families, friends and neighbours. Active parental involvement in the partnership of education is encouraged and realised through excellent communication channels and by inviting parents, carers and the community to enrich the school with their particular skills and talents.

Oakbank is different as it was founded by local people, and thrives on the ongoing commitment of the families and the wider community it serves.


Oakbank students in Science